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As a Generac Authorized dealer, C.M.Mose & Son of Pleasant Valley, MO brings you peace of mind with a full line of reliable Generac products backed by world-class service and support. Explore our product selection, then contact us so we can help you select the Generac solution that's just right for you.

          • Emergency power systems that can back up your entire home or business, or just the most essential circuits.
          • Portable power products that let you take your electricity where you need it most, whether it’s a tailgate party or a construction site.
          • Power washers that make it easy to tackle even your toughest cleaning projects.

Generator: Reliable backup electricity from Generac

A Generator is a reliable back up power source for homes and businesses who cannot afford to be without power. C. M. Mose & Son can provide a critical circuit generator which is smaller in size and capability as well as a whole home generator that will allow homeowners and business owners to operate all electrical systems in their homes and businesses without concern of overloading the generators capacity. Purchase a Generator according to your needs of function and capacity. We have a generator that allows you to keep your furnace running in the winter. We have a Generator for a homeowner who wants to run the air conditioning, the washing machine, power the pool motor and all 4 TV’s in the house in the summer at the same time. We have a generator for a business that wants to remain open and operational for the safety of the business and the convenience of customers.

If you have health issues that require the refrigeration of medication or power for oxygen, a generator will give you the peace of mind you need.

When is the last time you lost power?

  • 9,494 outages occur every year and 41 Million people were affected in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Electricity use is 3 times greater than it was in 1950 and runs on a power grid nearly 50 years old.
  • A breakdown in the power grid triggers a domino effect in power outages.
  • Outages are happening more often and are lasting longer.
  • The U.S. population is expected to increase another 50+million by 2030.

A standby Generac generator is not a permanent solution for the power grid- but it is for you.

Call today and get a quote o a Generac Generator that will fit your home or business needs. (816) 781-4707!

We Are A PowerPro Elite Dealer

PowerPro is the highest level of distinction available to members of Generac’s dealer network and open only to those that meet the most rigorous set of sales and customer service criteria.  Like C. M. Mose & Son Inc, PowerPro dealers consistently provide outstanding customer service, maintain local product and parts inventory and receive high reviews from their customer base.  PowerPro dealers are committed to providing an outstanding sales and service experience.

Over the years, my late husband and I have had many contractors on our property. Many times they would fix something and tear something else up. But Daniel and Josh were BY FAR the best contractors I've ever had. They were thorough, well trained, and pleasant. They went out of their way to make everything with the Generator perfect and the job site was clean! You know, anyone can sell you anything, but if their customer service does not come through, it's just not worth it. I'm so happy with my Generac Generator installation from CM Mose! Joyce G., St. Joseph, MO

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